Two Guys Tuna Charters is one of the top things to do while on holidays in beautiful, Prince Edward Island. While on vacation your day can start with a first class sunrise on the water if you’re an early riser… or a little bit later (7-8am). The island is famous for its hospitality and your captains, Steven and Dwayne are true, friendly Canadians that want to let you experience the island the way it should be experienced. Floating on the salty waves of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, catching a huge tuna fish and tasting the freshest seafood the island has to offer.

Tuna Charter PEI

We start with a short safety meeting to ensure all on board are safe. Next we will untie the lines and head to the open waters to find some fresh bait, usually Mackerel, that the Bluefin Tuna cannot resist!

Once the fresh bait is caught we head out to the notorious spot where we catch the biggest tuna! Once our sail to the location is complete we set up our lines and wait for the reels to start SCREAMING! It’s a rush of a lifetime, one that is unforgetable, scrambling to get the other lines in to start fighting a huge Bluefin tuna.

You don’t have long to get a 1000 lb bluefin tuna back to the boat for bragging rights; anything can happen in between! Contact Two Guys Tuna Charters to get booked to get hooked.

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  Two Guys Tuna Charters is located in North   Lake, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

  • The fishing season in North Lake, PEI runs from late July to late October.
  • North Lake is located in Kings County in the eastern portion of Prince Edward Island, NE. of Souris. Its precise location is
    N 46°27′, W 62°03′.